Wasteland 2 – Directors Cut: Ranger Editor (version 97264)

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  • This editor allows you to edit both the save game xml file or the ranger char file. It is quite powerful in that you can type anything into it, but be warned that I do not check much for bad data like typing letters where numbers should go etc. Due to this power, I insist that you backup your xml or char file before you attempt to edit it. The worst case is that the game will not load, but typically it will load but if you edited something and the game doesnt understand it then the item will probably get deleted.
  • You need Java 8 or higher installed for this to work on your system and double click the jar file to run the editor.
  • If the file does not open, run start.bat. Open Save Game. Edit. … PROFIT!
  • Well, if youve made changes to the Character file and then start Wasteland 2 and create a New Game with those rangers and then save that game, the changes do get transferred.
  • Character and Save Game files are different. Changes to Character files (.char) do not get into Save Game files (.xml).
  • Changes to Character files dont automatically get into Wasteland 2, you must restart the game to get those changes loaded.
  • Changes to Save Game files dont automatically get into Wasteland 2, you must use the Load Game option to get the new changes.
  • You can change the portrait of the characters you meet and join your party, but the game will put their correct portrait once loaded, so Ive disabled the dropdown for npcs. You can still have a custom portrait for your npcs though if you just give it the same name as the in-game portrait.
  • Some portraits are gender flagged and will not load in the wrong gender and will display the default Ranger1 portrait.

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