Dragon Age: Inquisition (Trainer + 15) [submitted by kapustic] [Inf. health]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition
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To use the functions of the trainer for the Dragon Age: Inquisition, you must make the following steps:

  • Unpack the files of the archive Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trainer +15 [1.11: Alternate B Version] to folder the game.
  • Run the game
  • Roll up the game with the key combination Alt + Tab and then make sure to run the trainer with Administrator rights. After again, expand the game.
  • You can start using the following functions of this trainer.
  • Have a nice game!

Trainer Option

  • Inf. health
  • Inf. mana
  • Inf. potion health
  • mega experience
  • Inf. money
  • maximum weight
  • no cooldown abilities
  • Inf. points skills
  • maximum Items for crafting
  • super damage
  • Inf. focus
  • [x] – set force
  • [x] – set Inquisition
  • [x] – set weight
  • [x] – set money

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